Deathwatch Into the Darkness

Space Hulk

The Delta were recovering on the Watch station from their last mission. As the spared in the training cages a klaxon’s ringing pierced the gloom. A servo skull approached and directed them to a side briefing room. A space hulk had been spotted in the system; all available teams were being deployed to secure the hulk and any vital relics it contained.

At the arming bay, a cloaked figure approached. Brother Haakon greeted Titus and informed the Delta he would be joining them on this mission. Tankrid growled under his breath, steeling his will against the psyker’s close presence. Titus passed Octavious in the med center, his brother Ultramarine still undergoing hypnotherapy for his injuries. Collecting their gear Delta boarded their shuttle, the departure hall full as other teams were being launched.

As their shuttle approached their docking point, Haakon lead the squad in an “Oath of Knowledge, nothing would stop their search to gain understanding from this hulk. The brothers looked out the view ports, the jutting mass and spires from the many fused ships looming closer. Rites of readiness were finished as the shuttle docked at their vector. As the smoke from the breaching charges cleared the Deltas stood ready to cleanse the hulk, the vox chatter buzzed with other squads confirming they had landed and were moving to their objectives.

Haakon steadied his mind, as he attempts to see the schism of fate was blocked by an unseen presence. “Something was not right about this mission”

Moving out in pattern Bravo-Echo (Heavy weapons to the fore) the Deltas moved through the hulk. Opening a door Souljorn was assaulted by Genestealers as they burst through the surround grates and piles. “Burn” Souljorn shouted as his Heavy flamer was brought to bear, igniting the corridor in promethium. The air bristled with steam as Haakon extended his hand and bolts ripped through the remaining genestealers. Adopting “Cleanse-n-Burn” the Deltas;’ proceeded through the rest of the floor. The heavy flamer roaring as it coaxed stealers from hiding, its flames leading the way down each corridor. Weapons at the ready the kill team moved slowly thorugh the hulk.

Souljorn stumbled as the floor almost gave way underneath him, Tankrid and Haakon lending their strength to free his bulk. Haakon listened as the com reports, various threats attacking other teams. Freeing Souljornt he Delta’s paused, a few genestealers using this to their advantage charging down the corridor. The air echoed with sounds of explosions as Octavious and Tankrid, threw grenades to halt the advancing stealers. Checking their location on his overlay, the kill team proceeded to a elevator shaft, and decended into the darkness. Haakon, ponder what data had been missed on this floor, but the final objective seemed to be below.

Descending to the lower deck, bolters were reloaded and gear rechecked. The eerie silence of the corroders loomed ahead. Haakon, shock his head unable to get a sense of the place through his mind’s eye. A piercing whine slashed through the air as a sky board flew down the corridor at the advancing marines. A Primul ambush had been sprung, radioing in his reports; Haakon was informed other squads were also dealing with the Eldar pirate ambushes. The Hellion soon fell to combined bolter fire his board almost impaling Haakon in its death throbe. The marines recovered and continued down the corridors as the Dark Eldar ambushes were sprung. The vicious onslaught causing Haakon to fumble and lose his concentration, as Souljorn and Tankrid took point. With flame and chainsword they swept the following rooms of Incubi and Witches.

Approaching the last rooms, a gleaning smile was seen as a lithe Eldar wych launched into the group. Her whip entangled Souljorn; his flamer hanging useless by his side. Dancing between the marine her blades and knife cutting and slicing. Bolter rounds passed harmlessly past her form, leaving her untouched and unharmed as he slowly whittled down the marines. As moved towards Tankrid, her head exploded into gore, as Octavious bolter finally found mark. Moving to the room from which she emerged, an ornate box was found. Haakon searched the box and recovered an plasma pistol, stashing the pistol he motioned the team forward to the last room.

Turning a corner the marines were meet with splinter rounds and combined fire as warrior squad emerged from the dark. Grenades rained from the marines, bouncing around the corners into the bunched warriors. When the dust settled, the marines moved to secure thei final objective. Securing the black box, they radioed for recovery. As Tankrid set the explosive to breach the bulkhead the marines solemnly looked around. Reports of the hulk being secured and cleansed were alive on the vox net. The small black box in hand they stepped through the melted, twisted frame to their lifter.

Mission to Vespesia...cont'd
Blood and Grain..cont'd

The quiet hamlet of Rigomagus concerned the kill-team as their presence did not cause a stir. The citizens gathered around and seemed interested in the rhino and the towering giants. Titus asked Tankrid to escort him, as the assault marine’s actions were starting to worry him. Blasphemous mumblings whispered through the air, as Ttitus and Tankrid passed a boarded hut. Kicking the door open to find the village elder about to sacrifice a young child. Tankrid sprang into action, picking up the struggling elder top stop the ritual, as a chill descended upon Titus. Hearing the chanting the villagers roared in rage and charged the space marines in the square. The kill-team readied their weapons, as the elder’s eyes began to glow. In a blur Tankrid snapped the head of the elder; the villagers screamed and stood around in a daze. As Souljorn and Korvus moved to secure the villagers, Titus crashed into the crowd his chain sword rising and falling as his skills in medicae was put to a darker use. Securing the village, the kill-team set the beacon and headed to the next village. Titus’ face was a hidden mask of confusion, as he stared at the barrel of Souljorn’s heavy bolter. His teammate starred solemnly wondering what had come over their leader.

The path to Nemetacum was greeted by solemn silence as kill-team assessed the current situation. As they neared a wheat field Octavious, now propped up on the rhino cupola, noticed a wide pathway in the field. Instructing Octavious to watch their new passenger, the child rescued by Tankrid, the kill-team searched the field. Tankrid took to the air and coughed as the eight-pointed star was visible, the path they walked making one of its points. Picking up pace they reached the centre, and stopped as a pile of body parts confronted them. The buzzing flies swarmed and seemed alive as their multifaceted eyes reflected the approaching marines. Titus said a brief prayer as he tossed an incendiary grenade, the cleansing flame burning the corpses and setting the section of field ablaze.

Nemetacum was deserted and the kill team secured the area and began the building to building search. Nearing the city hall, the stink of death filled their senses. The centre of the building was a ruin; corpses piled high a ‘doll’ sitting on the mound like a king on its throne. The kill team backed slowly away as a mist started to fill the room. Souljorn hesitated and started to shot at shadows, his heavy bolter echoing through the room. Falling back to the entrance Tankrid was slammed to the ground by an unseen force, claw marks being scratched into his armour. Bolters canning the surrounding area the kill team searched for the unseen foe, as a rain began to fall. A shadowy image launched into their midst, as bolter rounds sprayed harmlessly at the blur. Tankrid blinked as bloody spray covered his armor in gore, Korvus’ bolter still smoking from his single shot to their foe. Legs, claws, gore and a brass colour littered the doorway from the unknown foe’s dismembered body. Souljorn grunted as the body parts started to move, dragged by unseen hands back into the building.

Bolters leading, the kill team watched as they surrounded the ‘doll’ a small red portal forming as the parts were sucked through. Titus ordered the team to retreat, Krovus tossing an incendiary, the fire consuming the corpse pile and building. Falling back to the rhino, the kill team noticed the back hatch was open. The rhino was empty Titus and the kid nowhere to be found, the servitor’s head twisted around almost severed from his torso. Following the ‘footprints’ into the field, Delta tried to contact their lost brother to no avail. The pathway through the field meandered, an opening seen ahead as the light glinted off two silos. The tension was thick as Delta approached the last village. Low on ammo, battered & broken, missing a battle brother they steeled their nerves and trust in the Emperor.

Aesernia was ghostly quiet, the rumbling of the rhino the only sound heard over the falling rain. Delta-Alpha moved directly to the main city centre, hoping to not find a similar scene as Nemetacum with Octovious’ remains. Securing the building, no remains are found; a soft rapping heard behind a bolted door. Opening the door, the kill team are swarmed by crying thankful faces of the missing villagers. Splitting into teams of two the kill team began to search the rest of the village, the villagers fleeing into the surrounding fields and buildings to hide. Titus and Tankrid approached the western silo, as Souljorn and Korvus moved to secure the eastern. Octavious stirred the shadow falling from his mind, as the chanting on the robed figures increased pace. Pain laced through his chest as a figure began to carve blasphemous runes and brands. Trying to strike the figure he realised his arms were restrained. Looking around he noticed the runes on the floor as the air began to warm.

The door of the western silo opened, as body parts spilled onto the ground. Titus and Tankrid gripped their weapons tighter as villagers came from the fields, malice shining in their eyes. Steeling himself Souljorn boot connected with the eastern silo door. The door bursting open from the impact like an over rip fruit. _Hearing nearby sounds Octavious open his mouth to yell as the robed figure jammed the dagger into his skull, the hilt snapping off in his jaw. _Kicking open the door Souljorn froze, the sight before him making him stumble. Octavious bolted to a wall like a grox for slaughter as figures chanted around the room. “Welcome brother, you’re just in time” a shadowy figure grinned, his bolter barking as the rounds raced forward.

Titus and Tankrid moved in a ballet of death, their bolter, bolt pistols and chainswords hacking and slashing through the villagers. The press of bodies forcing them into defensive positions, as bolter round slammed into the side of a building. Turning around Tankrid spotted a Chaos marine and launched himself at the heretic. His jump pack failing he charged forward, Titus providing cover fire with bolter and grenade. The chaos marine falling back under Tankrid’s onslaught, stumbled as Tankrid’s blade found purpose and severed his head from his shoulders. Hearing the retorts of Souljorn’s heavy bolter they rushed to lend aid swatting away the remaining villagers.

A steady calm washed over Souljorn as he raised his bolter and traded shots with the robed figure, his hatred masked by his helmet. Octavious fell to the ground, Korvus freeing him with well-placed shots from his bolter. Dragging himself to ward the door, Octavious fired shots at the chanting figures, the chanting not stopping amid the corpses. Souljorn roared with vengeance as his last burst found mark the chaos marine’s armour buckling under the impacts, a strange grin on his lips as he fell over. Korvus shouted a warning as the blood from the marine, mixed with the blood from the cultist, started to swirl in the centre of the silo. Grabbing Octavios, Souljorn threw him out the door, as lights pierced the darkness striking the pooling blood. The air misted as a red portal began to form, a horned head beginning to form.

Wishing his brother’s good by Souljorn, fired rounds into Octovious discarded armour and grenades. The resulting explosion blossomed like a flower in the night, the shockwaves throwing the kill team off their feet. Souljorn was fired from the silo like a bullet, slamming into Tankrid. As the dust settled the kill team, surveyed the area, their vox’s crackling to life, as the rain and clouds bean to disapate. Titus worked frantically to save Octavious and Souljorn.

As the Valkyrie sent by Inquisitor Vamhkon’s landed, the kill team sent a silent prayer to the Emperor and their Primarchs. The cult had been “stopped”, the source of the dolls had eluded them but its hold on this world seemed broken. Vamhkon debriefed them and informed them uprising citizens were about to overrun the palace when an explosion was seen on the horizon. The citizens stumbled, their controlling link broken. Tankrid started as he realised they had not found the missing child!!

Mission to Vespesia
Blood and Grain

Background Information:

Aid has been requested due to low tithes from Vespesia. This would not be a concern, but with the building war machine the foodstuffs are needed. The planet grows various food stuffs, the regions separated by crops. Each region has in own rituals and ruling council. The governor of the planets received “grain” dolls with the tributes. A local Inquisitor Vamhkon has requested aid as an uprising has been stirred up. In her preliminary investigation the harvest “dolls” point to a hidden malice.


We have received a request from a local Inquisitor Vamhkon. She has requested our aid investigating an uprising. Whilst not an urgent matter, the Inquisitor has marked it code: Dash-Blue-Black. Make contact with the Inquisitor on planet Vespesia and lend aid. Apothecary Titus was selected and Team Leader and the Oath of Knowledge was taken.

Delta set off without securing any additional equipment, trusting their faith to see them through the mission. As they boarded the drop ship, a serf appeared carrying incendiary grenades. Brother Haakon had received a vision and senses the cleansing fire would be needed.
The Kill Team landed in the planet as the uprising begins. After meeting with the Inquisitive they were briefed on the extent of the uprising and directed to a few local villages were the tithes have been dipping. Vamhkon instructed them to make contact with two of her acolytes that had gone on before their arrival. She had not heard from them in a matter of days.

Securing their arms, the Delta set off in a rhino to search the villages marked on their maps. Nearing the village of Bannaveta they were set upon by an insane horde of cultist. The cultist were no match for the disciplined fire but refused to run and died under tracks and bolter fire. The village of Bannaveta was preparing its last harvest, and the villagers stopped as the kill team arrived. The elder humbled herself before the Deltas and informed them that all was fine. Tankrid searched the village and found a preparation hut for the harvest “dolls”. Sensing nothing the kill team set off to Mediolanum.

The route to Mediolanum was uneventful, but nearing the village, they were alerted to shapes in the trees. Stopping the rhino, they found villiagers from the surrounding hamlets hiding in the tress. The frightened villages gave tells of strange happenings in their villages, weird sounds, and people going missing. Rallying and calming the villagers the kill team proceeded on.

Mediolanum was in a state of agitation. The villagers did not react to the Space Marines in their midst and some were openly hostile. During the search Souljorn started to act weirdly as he seemed to have a hidden agenda. The “doll” hut was found empty and the fruit from the village had a weird odor. Titus pondered and testing some of the fruit and found it reeked of blood. The kill team left the village as a dark shape was seen rising from the village like smoke hanging in the air.

On the way to Rigomagus, the Kill-team was ambushed by Chaos marines. A hectic firefight ensured with both sides taking massive wounds. Souljourn flee into a rage as he charged blindly at his Chaos ‘brothers’. The sputtering rhino was saved only by a combined effort of is servitor driver and Titus. Octavious was gravely wounded as a krak missile blew off his leg, only surviving due to the blessing from the Emperor. Battered and broken the kill-team cautiously continued their search. Tankrid’s agitation visible ob his face as he lovingly caressed his reclaim power sword.

SO FAR.....

The Kill Team disseminated “Delta-Aplha” were inducted into the Deathwatch and given a trail by fire.

Souljorn, Tankrid, Octavious and Titus were sent to the Agri-world of Avalos, an unremarkable world which rested on the edge of the Orpheus Salient between Hethgard and the Well of Night. Recently the world came to the attention of the Ordo Xenos and Inquisitor Kalistradi, who arrived with her retinue to uncover rumours and signs of a Genestealer infestation. What she discovered was far worse that she could have anticipated. The Kill Team met with her the Inquisitor’s remaining acolytes and freed the city from the Genestealer infestation. The Broodlord being no mact for thier combined team work.

Bonds solidified they returned to the watch station , where they met Korvus. Am ambition warrior, when questioned about his chapter he gave no hint. The “Black Shield” being enough to stop any further questions. There week of boredom was broken s they were summoned to by the Watch Commander and given a mission to rescue a “lost” Arch-Magus.

Their familiarity with Tyranid biology allowed them to rescue the Arch-Magus and secure the data slate he was carrying with ease. None were spared as a few reaming Imperial Guardsmen were given a lift off world as the spres began to fall. From orbit they witnessed the blessed right of Exterminatus. The planet reduced to ash, instead of allowing it to add to the Tyranid biomass.


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