Deathwatch Into the Darkness

Mission to Vespesia

Blood and Grain

Background Information:

Aid has been requested due to low tithes from Vespesia. This would not be a concern, but with the building war machine the foodstuffs are needed. The planet grows various food stuffs, the regions separated by crops. Each region has in own rituals and ruling council. The governor of the planets received “grain” dolls with the tributes. A local Inquisitor Vamhkon has requested aid as an uprising has been stirred up. In her preliminary investigation the harvest “dolls” point to a hidden malice.


We have received a request from a local Inquisitor Vamhkon. She has requested our aid investigating an uprising. Whilst not an urgent matter, the Inquisitor has marked it code: Dash-Blue-Black. Make contact with the Inquisitor on planet Vespesia and lend aid. Apothecary Titus was selected and Team Leader and the Oath of Knowledge was taken.

Delta set off without securing any additional equipment, trusting their faith to see them through the mission. As they boarded the drop ship, a serf appeared carrying incendiary grenades. Brother Haakon had received a vision and senses the cleansing fire would be needed.
The Kill Team landed in the planet as the uprising begins. After meeting with the Inquisitive they were briefed on the extent of the uprising and directed to a few local villages were the tithes have been dipping. Vamhkon instructed them to make contact with two of her acolytes that had gone on before their arrival. She had not heard from them in a matter of days.

Securing their arms, the Delta set off in a rhino to search the villages marked on their maps. Nearing the village of Bannaveta they were set upon by an insane horde of cultist. The cultist were no match for the disciplined fire but refused to run and died under tracks and bolter fire. The village of Bannaveta was preparing its last harvest, and the villagers stopped as the kill team arrived. The elder humbled herself before the Deltas and informed them that all was fine. Tankrid searched the village and found a preparation hut for the harvest “dolls”. Sensing nothing the kill team set off to Mediolanum.

The route to Mediolanum was uneventful, but nearing the village, they were alerted to shapes in the trees. Stopping the rhino, they found villiagers from the surrounding hamlets hiding in the tress. The frightened villages gave tells of strange happenings in their villages, weird sounds, and people going missing. Rallying and calming the villagers the kill team proceeded on.

Mediolanum was in a state of agitation. The villagers did not react to the Space Marines in their midst and some were openly hostile. During the search Souljorn started to act weirdly as he seemed to have a hidden agenda. The “doll” hut was found empty and the fruit from the village had a weird odor. Titus pondered and testing some of the fruit and found it reeked of blood. The kill team left the village as a dark shape was seen rising from the village like smoke hanging in the air.

On the way to Rigomagus, the Kill-team was ambushed by Chaos marines. A hectic firefight ensured with both sides taking massive wounds. Souljourn flee into a rage as he charged blindly at his Chaos ‘brothers’. The sputtering rhino was saved only by a combined effort of is servitor driver and Titus. Octavious was gravely wounded as a krak missile blew off his leg, only surviving due to the blessing from the Emperor. Battered and broken the kill-team cautiously continued their search. Tankrid’s agitation visible ob his face as he lovingly caressed his reclaim power sword.


Thark Thark

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