Deathwatch Into the Darkness

Space Hulk

The Delta were recovering on the Watch station from their last mission. As the spared in the training cages a klaxon’s ringing pierced the gloom. A servo skull approached and directed them to a side briefing room. A space hulk had been spotted in the system; all available teams were being deployed to secure the hulk and any vital relics it contained.

At the arming bay, a cloaked figure approached. Brother Haakon greeted Titus and informed the Delta he would be joining them on this mission. Tankrid growled under his breath, steeling his will against the psyker’s close presence. Titus passed Octavious in the med center, his brother Ultramarine still undergoing hypnotherapy for his injuries. Collecting their gear Delta boarded their shuttle, the departure hall full as other teams were being launched.

As their shuttle approached their docking point, Haakon lead the squad in an “Oath of Knowledge, nothing would stop their search to gain understanding from this hulk. The brothers looked out the view ports, the jutting mass and spires from the many fused ships looming closer. Rites of readiness were finished as the shuttle docked at their vector. As the smoke from the breaching charges cleared the Deltas stood ready to cleanse the hulk, the vox chatter buzzed with other squads confirming they had landed and were moving to their objectives.

Haakon steadied his mind, as he attempts to see the schism of fate was blocked by an unseen presence. “Something was not right about this mission”

Moving out in pattern Bravo-Echo (Heavy weapons to the fore) the Deltas moved through the hulk. Opening a door Souljorn was assaulted by Genestealers as they burst through the surround grates and piles. “Burn” Souljorn shouted as his Heavy flamer was brought to bear, igniting the corridor in promethium. The air bristled with steam as Haakon extended his hand and bolts ripped through the remaining genestealers. Adopting “Cleanse-n-Burn” the Deltas;’ proceeded through the rest of the floor. The heavy flamer roaring as it coaxed stealers from hiding, its flames leading the way down each corridor. Weapons at the ready the kill team moved slowly thorugh the hulk.

Souljorn stumbled as the floor almost gave way underneath him, Tankrid and Haakon lending their strength to free his bulk. Haakon listened as the com reports, various threats attacking other teams. Freeing Souljornt he Delta’s paused, a few genestealers using this to their advantage charging down the corridor. The air echoed with sounds of explosions as Octavious and Tankrid, threw grenades to halt the advancing stealers. Checking their location on his overlay, the kill team proceeded to a elevator shaft, and decended into the darkness. Haakon, ponder what data had been missed on this floor, but the final objective seemed to be below.

Descending to the lower deck, bolters were reloaded and gear rechecked. The eerie silence of the corroders loomed ahead. Haakon, shock his head unable to get a sense of the place through his mind’s eye. A piercing whine slashed through the air as a sky board flew down the corridor at the advancing marines. A Primul ambush had been sprung, radioing in his reports; Haakon was informed other squads were also dealing with the Eldar pirate ambushes. The Hellion soon fell to combined bolter fire his board almost impaling Haakon in its death throbe. The marines recovered and continued down the corridors as the Dark Eldar ambushes were sprung. The vicious onslaught causing Haakon to fumble and lose his concentration, as Souljorn and Tankrid took point. With flame and chainsword they swept the following rooms of Incubi and Witches.

Approaching the last rooms, a gleaning smile was seen as a lithe Eldar wych launched into the group. Her whip entangled Souljorn; his flamer hanging useless by his side. Dancing between the marine her blades and knife cutting and slicing. Bolter rounds passed harmlessly past her form, leaving her untouched and unharmed as he slowly whittled down the marines. As moved towards Tankrid, her head exploded into gore, as Octavious bolter finally found mark. Moving to the room from which she emerged, an ornate box was found. Haakon searched the box and recovered an plasma pistol, stashing the pistol he motioned the team forward to the last room.

Turning a corner the marines were meet with splinter rounds and combined fire as warrior squad emerged from the dark. Grenades rained from the marines, bouncing around the corners into the bunched warriors. When the dust settled, the marines moved to secure thei final objective. Securing the black box, they radioed for recovery. As Tankrid set the explosive to breach the bulkhead the marines solemnly looked around. Reports of the hulk being secured and cleansed were alive on the vox net. The small black box in hand they stepped through the melted, twisted frame to their lifter.


Thark Thark

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